kevlarland asked: How did he propose to you?

Santana: He got down to one knee and said. “Santana Maria Novia Lopez, I never knew what love was until you walked into my life or how powerful that love could be. You are my heart, my life and my soul. I could not imagine a life without you in it. You healed something within me that has been broken for as long as I can remember. You never once tried to change me into someone I was not. You accepted me flaws and all. I also believe you have shown me a side of yourself that no one else has ever seen and for that I can only love you more. If I cried a tear, you were there to wipe it dry. When I was confused you cleared my mind. I sold my soul and you bought it back with your love. You gave me dignity simply because you needed me. You gave me the strength I needed to stand alone and face the world on my own again. You put me up on a pedestal that was so high I could see eternity all because you needed me. You would hold my hand when it was cold and lead me home if I was lost. You gave me your love when I was at the end and because of that I turned my lies back into truth again. You called me friend when no one else would, all because you needed me.

I love you with every fibre of my being, Santana. 

Will you do me the honor of accepting this ring and be my wife someday?”

  1. kevlarland said: Okay I admit Im slightly tearing up. That was simply beautiful.
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